What are the new in-app shopping options coming to Facebook?
It’s time journalists learned the difference between England and the UK
Four reasons why Facebook Conversions may not show in Google Analytics
Facebook ready to help local businesses during pandemic
Our one-stop infographic on Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics results


  • It’s time journalists learned the difference between England and the UK

    Posted on May 21, 2020

    Yesterday, I saw an article that reminded me of a common misunderstanding displayed even by trained writers and journalists – we don’t understand the country we live in. Misuse of the terms ‘England’, ‘Britain’ and ‘UK’ is causing misinformation to thrive, and statistics to be either manipulated or just plain wrong. The piece in question […]

    Posted by John Murray
  • Four reasons why Facebook Conversions may not show in Google Analytics

    Posted on May 20, 2020

    As you may expect, platforms from different companies can report different results on the same or similar metrics. This has already been demonstrated in an earlier article we wrote about the differences between

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • Facebook ready to help local businesses during pandemic

    Posted on May 19, 2020

    A number of new features are being rolled out on social networking site Facebook and photo-sharing platform Instagram that will help its users to discover, find and

    Posted by Alan Littler

  • Our one-stop infographic on Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics results

    Posted on May 18, 2020

    Last week, our Account Executive Alan gave a detailed account of why data on Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be so different. That’s worth a read in full, but we thought we would follow it up with a visual guide as to why one of these Google tools might be showing higher figures […]

    Posted by John Murray
  • What is a good ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for Facebook Ads?

    Posted on May 15, 2020

    When you run adverts on Facebook, one of the metrics it offers in its reporting is Return on Ad Spend, or ROAS. It essentially means how much money you get for every £1, or

    Posted by Darren Jamieson
  • Four sectors where online sales have soared during lockdown

    Posted on May 14, 2020

    Yesterday’s news that the UK now faces a “significant recession” will not have been a big surprise to anyone. Amid the doom and gloom though, there are some sectors, and businesses within them, that have reported positive news since the lockdown came into effect. With people changing their lifestyles and the way they shop, those […]

    Posted by John Murray

  • New option available to local merchants in Google Shopping

    Posted on May 13, 2020

    Google Shopping has begun to test a new feature that would allow local businesses to indicate that they can offer “curbside pickup” in a bid to

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • Government wants your COVID-19 risk assessment on your website

    Posted on May 12, 2020

    Yesterday, the Gov.uk website published its latest guidance to employers on getting the country safely back to work. This includes five “key points” employers should address as soon as is practically possible, and one of them in particular stood out to us. Point 2 sets out the need for employers to carry out a risk […]

    Posted by John Murray
  • Why do Google Analytics and Search Console report different results?

    Posted on May 11, 2020

    When it comes to measuring traffic coming into a website, there are many tools and metrics that can be used, with two of the more popular services being Google Analytics and

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • Three actionable ways to make your content Google update-proof

    Posted on May 7, 2020

    Google has performed another of its core updates this week. As always, only Google itself knows exactly what this entails, and the ramifications of it will not be immediately apparent, so it can be difficult for site owners to know how to react to this news. The search engine doesn’t give unique advice on each

    Posted by John Murray
  • What we know about Google’s latest core update

    Posted on May 6, 2020

    This week, Google has announced that it will begin rolling out its second core update of the year. The update is

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • How much more time are we spending online?

    Posted on May 5, 2020

    With lockdown creating a rise in the number of people working from home, and families keeping themselves entertained indoors by going online, it’s no surprise that internet providers have seen surges in usage, but by how much has our online dependency risen? According to an Opinium survey commissioned by uSwitch.com, there has been a 29% […]

    Posted by John Murray
  • Is it a good idea to ‘hijack’ on social media?

    Posted on May 4, 2020

    It can be frustrating if you put time into your social media posts only to see them get no interaction, and that’s why some businesses on Facebook and Twitter look at taking more direct routes. Rather than post and tweet and wait for followers to come to you, what if you decide to dive straight […]

    Posted by John Murray
  • Usage up, but projected revenue down for online giants

    Posted on May 1, 2020

    Google, Facebook and Twitter have all issued warnings that their financial results for the first quarter of the year are set to be lower than their original forecasts. This will be

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • Is Google My Business set to benefit in the long term?

    Posted on April 30, 2020

    One result of the changing behaviour influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic is that Google My Business has become one of the more important local marketing tools for small to medium businesses. The tool has

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • Happy New Year!

    Posted on January 1, 2020

    Happy New Year from everyone at Engage Web. We hope 2020 brings you success and happiness.

    Posted by Alan Littler
  • Christmas wishes from Engage Web

    Posted on December 25, 2019

    From everyone at Engage Web, we’d like to wish all of our clients, partners and friends a very merry Christmas.

    Posted by Alan Littler
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