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WordPress Plugin Development by Engage Web

At Engage Web we’re big fans of WordPress. We love it for its flexibility, its SEO value, the thousands of plugins available and the way you can customise it to do anything you want. In order to get the best out of WordPress you need to be an expert with the system and, ideally, you need to be able to develop your own WordPress Plugins to suit any requirement.


This is why we don’t just use ‘off-the-shelf’ WordPress Plugins, we often build our own.

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Official WP Plugins built by Engage Web

We have developed may WordPress Plugins over the years, most of which we keep hidden away just for us and our clients to use, but we have released a couple of WordPress Plugins via WordPress itself – and this entails developing the plugins to WordPress’ own exacting standards. Two of the WordPress Plugins we currently have available on WordPress.org are Dynauthor and Notiflyer. Both of these plugins were created to help large UGC (user generated content) websites manage multiple authors more easily, and to interact with the authors.

In addition we also created Dynacat and Dynaparent – for websites with too many categories or pages to make scrolling through categories or parent pages a chore, or for websites with so many pages the ‘add new page’ screen crawls as WordPress tries to load the page drop down menu.

Feel free to download these plugins and use them on your own websites.

Support pages: Dynauthor | Notiflyer

Bespoke WP Plugins for Clients

Of course, there are many other WordPress Plugins we have developed we haven’t released because they’re either specifically for clients, or they’re top secret SEO related plugins. For example, we have a WordPress Plugin called ‘Quick Search’, which was developed to solve the problem of WordPress websites which have tens of thousands of pages. When WordPress sites have this many pages, the website begins to slow down in the back end when you’re adding and editing pages – this is because of the way WordPress pulls through all of the pages at once, rather than a few at a time (as it does for posts). To get around this issue, we developed the Quick Search plugin so website owners can dynamically search their website’s pages using an Ajax powered search, thus pulling through only the relevant pages and making the whole process much quicker, and with far less strain on the website’s server.

This is one of of the many plugins we have developed for clients. If there is anything you need your WordPress website to do, and there isn’t already a plugin for it, then why not ask us at Engage Web?

Let us put our expertise of WordPress to use for you.

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