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Progressive Property & Progressive Success

As a member of the Progressive community, you’ll know how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. Whether you’re a property investor through Progressive Property, a business owner within Progressive Success, or even a professional speaker, you know the difference the best mentors can make. That’s why we know we can help you, as we have already done with numerous members of the Progressive community.

As a part of the community ourselves, both as a mentee and as a mentor, Engage Web is heavily involved in the property and business side.

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Progressive Property

With many different property strategies being used by investors around the UK, it’s important to you that your web design and digital marketing agency understands your strategy. You want an agency that knows its serviced accommodation from its deal packaging, and its commercial conversions from its no-money down.

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With Engage Web’s Darren Jamieson being part of Progressive’s ETM (Elite Trainer Mastermind), and meeting monthly with the likes of Rob Moore, Kevin McDonnell, Dan Eaton, Kevin Poneskis and the other property trainers, we’re in an ideal position to help you with the marketing for your property business.

Additionally, Darren is a PPN speaker, has delivered digital marketing training specific to a number of different property strategies for the trainers, and has appeared as a guest on the odd trainer’s podcast.

Brand & Marketing Mastermind – Progressive Success

Engage Web co-founder, Darren Jamieson, has hosted the monthly Brand & Marketing Mastermind for Progressive Success since 2022, giving advice, providing accountability and delivering keynotes. Working alongside regular contributors, such as Rob Moore, Jessen James, Matt Fides and Gary Das, Darren has helped the members of the ‘BMM’ through their marketing journey, offering expert mentorship in digital marketing strategies on subjects such as SEO, Facebook Ads, Web Design, LinkedIn Marketing, Webinars and more.

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Darren also delivers content slots at Progressive for the face-to-face meetings in Peterborough – some of which have been recorded and given as bonuses by Progressive.

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Feedback from the Progressive community

Some of the clients we’ve worked with from within the Progressive community


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