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Ryedaura wanted a minimal design that reflected their brand, which is very much about simplicity, quality and consistency. This is underpinned by flat rate fees and a virtual assistant service that’s as natural as having an assistant in the office.

We used the strong corporate colours of purple and gold, with purple having connotations of wisdom and ambition, while gold suggests triumph and luxury. For a unique and distinctive touch, we opted for each section of the home page to be in the form of slides instead of one continuously flowing page.

The content on the previous website was written in a way that mainly discussed what the company is and does, rather than how it helps the customer. We worked with Ryedaura to identify the pain points existing and potential customers have, such as a lack of time and a desire to focus more on what they do best rather than admin tasks. We incentivised this further by emphasising that regained time can help businesses grow. The tagline “regain time, deliver results, achieve growth” is concise and snappy. While not quite an acronym, it chimes with the letters R, D and A prominent in the syllables of the company name.

The finished product is a professional and eye-catching site that gives a clear picture of not only what Ryedaura does, but how it helps the customer.

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