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    Link building and its importance to SEO: do you have a link building strategy?

    When you’re first dipping your toes into SEO, you’ll hear a lot of talk about backlinks, inbound links and link profiles. They all relate to something that is central to a site’s search engine success: SEO link building.

    Link building makes up a major portion of any site’s off-page SEO. Your site’s link profile contributes the majority of information taken into account by the search engines when calculating your authority. For this reason, it’s important to develop a strategy that is going to work for your site.

    How links work

    Imagine your site as a worker looking for a job with the search engines. The search engines aren’t going to take only your site’s word that it’s a good worker. They want some references. To get those references, the search engines cruise around the net, looking for recommendations or ‘connections’ – so you can think of links almost like ‘votes’ for your website. When your site has a high number of quality votes, it’s judged to be a quality site. The better the connections, the better your chances of improving your ranking and appearing higher in the SERPs.

    Like almost every other area of search engine optimisation, the factors that play on a link profile are many. The relevance of a link is important, but sometimes not as important as the authority of the site providing the link. Similarly, if all the links your website has are high quality, perfect links then this may not look natural to a search engine – and search engines don’t like to feel websites are buying links to cheat them and manipulate the results. It’s all a bit of a chess game at times, which is why hiring a professional company to look after your site’s SEO link building efforts as part of an overall search engine optimisation campaign can be a worthwhile move.

    SEO: ‘Link building’ vs ‘link buying’

    Links have always been an important part of search engine optimisation and, until fairly recently, it was widely accepted that most links could be bought or swapped, known as reciprocal linking.

    Search engines don’t approve of paid links. Paid links don’t fit in with the search engine ideal of a natural site that has genuine recommendations. Sites that trade on their PageRank are strictly going against the terms of service for Google, and many have been penalised in the rankings for this.

    There are still SEO companies who buy links for their clients. There are many more reasons against than for when it comes to filling your link profile up with low quality, paid links though. If you pay for links, then not only do you run the risk of being penalised in the search engines but you are also subject to the on-going rental fees that paid links are infamous for, and the inevitable slump in rankings and reputation when you end your contract.

    Engage Web’s approach to natural links

    At Engage Web, our approach is one that concentrates on your site’s long term health. Our link building concentrates on building up links as naturally as possible. We’ve found this approach to be far more effective because natural link-building plans tend to continue to build links over time, strong, relevant links, which is the best outcome any website can hope for.

    The approach taken in our link building strategies is reflective of our general approach to SEO, which emphasises quality over short-term quantity. If your SEO campaign doesn’t include an ethical link building strategy, then how do you know your results are sustainable?

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