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Social Media Marketing

Most business owners understand they *should* be on social media, but very few actually use social media in a productive way where it leads to tangible results – such as increased enquiries and sales.

Whether or not you’re an avid social media user yourself, it’s important to distinguish between using social media for idling away the hours and using social media to build your business’ brand. And when we say ‘build your business’ brand’, we don’t just mean increasing the followers on your various accounts. Followers mean nothing without engagement, and you also need a strategy to convert your social media followers into leads.

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Getting your followers OFF your social media

This is the key to social media success. Simply building a large following on Facebook, X, YouTube or whatever social media platform you’re using isn’t sufficient to build your brand. You don’t own your following on those platforms, and they can be closed off to you at a moment’s notice. We’ve seen countless examples of businesses who have invested time and money in building a following, only to lose it all when an account is shut down. Your focus HAS to be on converting your followers from your social media into your own list, a list you own for your business. Only then do you own the data.

That’s where Engage Web can help using strategies involving landing pages and lead magnets designed specifically to make your social media activity take your followers from your social media, into your list and to become your clients and customers.

Get more clients through social media

Would you like to discover how to do all of this yourself? While you could work directly with Engage Web and have our team look after all of this for you, we also offer training so you can learn of our techniques for yourself. We run Social Media Workshops every so often, from our training centre in Ellesmere Port, where we show business owners like yourself how to master your own social media, set your own strategy and create the content you need to build a following, keep your followers engaged and convert them into clients.

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Online social media training

If you’re unable to make one of our workshops, but you’d still like to take control of your own social media activity, we also have a wealth of social media training videos, with guides and strategies you can implement for yourself, available on our unique EngageWeb.Club.

As a member of EngageWeb.Club, you can access all of our training materials whenever you want, and watch videos from our team of experts on making your social media channels actually work for you, and generate business for you.

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