Are you getting a significant return on investment from your Facebook Ads?

Most people who run Facebook Ads, either for themselves or for their clients, get very little, if any, return on their investment. This is because most people do not understand the differences between advertising on Facebook, when compared to other mediums such as Google Ads, Email Marketing or PPC.

On Facebook, your target clients and customers are simply not looking for your products and services at that time. It’s not like Google, where people are searching for what you can offer. In order for your Facebook Ads to be successful, you need to interrupt someone’s day. This is called Interruption Marketing. You have just 1.7 seconds on a smartphone to catch someone’s attention, so the advertising strategies that work for other mediums do not work for Facebook.

At Engage Web, we run and manage Facebook Ads for ourselves and for our clients, and we coach others on running their own Facebook Ads.

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Graham Dobbin, Asentiv New York

We helped Graham Dobbin, of Asentiv New York, with one of his clients – a Garden City-based business looking to expand their client base. Despite the business being based in New York, and Engage Web being based in Cheshire, in the UK, the distance was no barrier to the help we were able to offer.

Engage Web's Free Facebook Ads Training

At Engage Web we also offer training and coaching in running your own Facebook Ads, so you can increase your Facebook Ads knowledge, and learn the skills to run your own campaigns and get the results you need.

Real Client Results

The below screenshot shows the stats from one of our retail clients, where they spent £4,103.23 on Facebook Ads and received a revenue in sales through their website from Facebook Ads of £141,224.79. That represents an ROAS (return on ad spend) of 34.42, or a 34x ROI. The client was selling some very high-ticket items, which meant the Facebook Ads had to be particuarly well targeted, with the right messages in order to produce this level of return.

What some of our other digital marketing clients have said about Engage Web:

I have checked the performance of the Facebook campaigns this morning and I am amazed at how quickly we have got results! To only have been running the campaigns for a week or so and to see ROI of 1600% is honestly incredible! I hope this is just the start of what already appears to be a very good investment

Neil Cohen

The Underfloor Heating Store

Engage Web created excellent ads that resulted in high engagement and sales as soon as they went live. Sales continue to grow from the ads and we are looking forward to Engage Web helping us with an exciting upcoming product launch. I would highly recommend Engage Web to anyone who is looking for real experts in marketing and social media who are highly responsive and great at understanding the needs of their customers.

Barry Hodge

Four Prop

The difference to the business is significant. Lots of people talk about being an expert, there’s very few that actually are. When I can go to someone and they can come up with an idea I’ve not thought about… as far as Engage Web is concerned, that happens every single time

Graham Dobbin

Asentiv New York

Facebook Ads need to have the FIVE key ingredients in order to be successful and, if any one of those ingredients is missing, the ads simply will not work in getting the results you need. To find out more about this, you can use our enquiry form to ask about Engage Web running your Facebook Ad campaigns or you can book on our next available online Facebook Ads training. The training is completely free, and we go through some of the best-kept secrets of getting real results with Facebook Ads, and how to increase conversions while reducing cost.

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