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Your website should be an important business asset, one that promotes your business, represents your business and works tirelessly to increase your leads and sales. If that’s not the case, you probably want to speak with us about a website that WILL do that for you.

Assuming that is the case, however, you’ll want to ensure your website is hosted on a reliable server, and is always there when your potential customers are looking for you. That’s why Engage Web offers secure, reliable web hosting for your business website.

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Isn’t all web hosting the same?

You’d be surprised how often we hear this, especially when business owners ask for hosting recommendations on Facebook groups. Others will recommend ones they’ve used, often because they’re cheap. However hosting is not all the same, and even some of the biggest names in the business can be massively unreliable.

Many cheaper hosting providers simply supply the server space, and you have to do everything else yourself – including set up the website, fix any issues and restore any backups. At Engage Web we do all of that for you. You don’t need to be technical, you don’t need to set anything up – we handle all of it.

We also do all of the backups of your website, and can handle any issues that may arise, even restoring your website for you should it be required.

Web hosting with Engage Web is different.

Hosting Packages

Engage Web offers a number of different hosting packages, based on your requirements. Most small business websites would only need a lower-level package. It’s only when your website traffic starts to scale that a higher hosting package may be required. Remember, too, with our unique Fresh Start website package all of the website hosting costs are included anyway.

Website Hosting FAQ

What if my website gets hacked?

Should your website get hacked, and the files compromised, Engage Web will restore your website from one of our backups.

How do I know which hosting package is right for me?

High traffic websites, websites with large files (images, video etc) and eCommerce websites may well require high packages, with a higher amount of disk space and bandwidth. However, the majority of our hosting clients are on lower-level packages, and we can advise on the most appropriate package for your website’s needs.

Can you manage my domain names for me?

Yes, we can take over management of your domain name and administer your domain’s Name Servers for you. We’ll handle any of the technical details, so you don’t have to.

Can I move my current website to Engage Web?

Yes, we can host a website you have had designed by another agency or website designer. We would need to check the website first, to make sure it’s built properly and isn’t going to cause any issues for our server and our clients.

Can you recover my website if I’ve lost it?

If you’ve lost access to your website, or it has been deleted by your current web designer, we can in some cases recover the website. There are no guarantees of this, but we have done this before for clients.

Can I move my website away from Engage Web at any time?

Yes. You are free to move your website to a new hosting company whenever you wish. Engage Web will provide you with the necessary details to move the website or, for a small admin fee, Engage Web can move the website for you.

Can I have FTP access to my own website?

Yes. You can have FTP access to your website if you wish. However, if your website needs restoring from a backup as a result of any mistakes made with the FTP details, a small admin fee may become chargeable.

Where is my website actually hosted?

Your website is hosted on Engage Web’s dedicated server, located in the United Kingdom.

Can I use a different web hosting company and still have Engage Web build my website?

Yes. You can host your website with any company you choose. We’ll let you know the minimum specification of the server required for your particular website and you can purchase the hosting yourself.


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