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    SEO reporting: do you have the information to make your website work harder?

    SEO reporting and analysis is important for a number of reasons. When you hire an Internet marketing company, their progress should be transparent and help your business to grow and evolve.

    Just because you’ve appointed an Internet marketing partner and your website is up and running, this doesn’t mean the work is done. Your website needs to show returns and, as your campaign progresses, it’s easy to get lost in the maelstrom of results your site is producing. A clear, jargon-free and understandable monthly report is what you need to keep your business goals on track.

    Reporting is important in any form of marketing and it’s no less important with SEO and other Internet marketing services. This isn’t just about ensuring work is being completed; the metrics and analysis coming from your online marketing activities and website can tell you a lot about current trends and changes in the marketing.

    What your reporting should cover

    A typical SEO report will differ depending on the company or consultant you’re dealing with. Some SEO companies provide a report of the raw data of your website, giving you the opportunity to analyse it for yourself; some interpret the results.

    At Engage Web, our monthly reports include:

    • An initial ranking report, which provides a benchmark at the beginning of your campaign
    • Ongoing ranking updates
    • Traffic overview
    • Other key points, such as time-on-page statistics and conversions
    • Commentary – showing the work performed for the month, projected work coming up in the next month, and an analysis of results to date

    Reporting and tracking allows us to help you stay one step ahead of the competition; even identifying new keywords becoming more popular with your target market and helping to evolve your strategy as your business evolves.

    SEO reporting gives a business an opportunity to regularly touch base with their site’s progress. It helps those performing SEO just as much as it does for those benefitting from SEO, as it also allows time for analysis and redirection if necessary. Even companies using in-house technical staff to perform SEO should get into the habit of regular SEO reporting.

    The difference at Engage Web

    A reputable SEO company should provide you with regular reports. This is something you need to discuss with any companies on your list before signing a contract; it’s a basic essential.

    For many businesses, their monthly SEO reporting is a meaningless piece of paper whilst they spend months at a time waiting for the movement of a single keyword. This can make the waiting business feel like they’re participating in a big, costly game of chess, one in which they have no control over, whilst following a templated approach to SEO.

    At Engage Web, the difference is we perform regular, monthly work on your site that is designed in accordance with your business goals and progress to date. We know how frustrating it can be to sit around waiting while online opportunities are missed. We also know how important it is in SEO to keep up regular maintenance of content and link building. This is why we complete work every month, both on and off your pages, in conjunction with your evolving campaign, kept in line with your growing business.

    Do you understand what’s happening with your website?

    Contact us at Engage Web and see how we can help you to measure and analyse your results.

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