Is defensive web content ever a good idea?

Posted on January 15, 2020

A few years ago, the vehicle sales website broke advertising convention by openly admitting that you might get more money for your car if you sell it somewhere else. The ads argued that sale price isn’t everything, and that many car owners just want a quick and easy way to sell their motor for a (more…)

Posted by John Murray

How to use percentages in writing

Posted on January 3, 2020

At this time of year, we start reading and hearing a lot about the year just gone, and how it compared to the year before that. For example, we’ve recently heard that Boxing Day high street shopping was down 8.6% in 2019 compared to 2018, but what do statistics like this mean and how are they (more…)

Posted by John Murray

How to report on foreign currency amounts in UK copy

Posted on December 3, 2019

When writing news, as we do for many of our clients, it’s inevitable that you will need to discuss money. With the world becoming a smaller place, it might not always be in the pound sterling we know and love either.

This article details how to report amounts of foreign currency in a way that (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Five questions to ask when choosing an image for a blog

Posted on October 1, 2019

If you hope to have your blogs widely read, it helps to share them on social media. Even then, though, how do you increase the chances of them being read and engaged with, rather than (more…)

Posted by John Murray

New study highlights importance of blog structure

Posted on September 2, 2019

A study conducted by Perficient Digital, which looks into the structure of blog posts, has found that the majority of blogs are making a (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Four tips to improve your keyword rankings

Posted on August 13, 2019

Achieving top rankings within the search engines is not as simple as it was 20 years ago. The search engines are (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

How to develop an absence-proof content strategy

Posted on August 9, 2019

I once worked somewhere where an employer, who happened to be the only person in the organisation who knew how to do a certain task, was asked “if you were hit by a bus tonight, how would your work be done?”

It’s a bit of a blunt way of phrasing the question, and shouldn’t be taken literally, but it’s (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Google announces update to Snippets

Posted on August 6, 2019

Late last week, Pandu Nayak, the Vice President of Search at Google revealed that the company has introduced an update to its algorithms that would keep featured Snippets up-to-date, fresh and relevant in queries that (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler
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