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How to protect your website against a DDoS attack

You might think there’s no such thing as ‘too many visitors’ to a website. How can you have too many? It’s not like a physical shop, where you have a maximum capacity for health and safety reasons. However there is such a thing as too many, and it could come at any moment – especially if you have a particularly (more…)

Twitter to allow users to see tweets in chronological order again

Microblogging site Twitter has recently announced that it plans to give users the option of seeing their news feeds in reverse chronological order once again.

Back in 2016, the (more…)

Could TripAdvisor turn into a social media site?

American travel review site TripAdvisor has recently revealed that it is planning on launching a social-network style component on its site dedicated to travel.

Currently, the (more…)

Three things you didn’t know about eBooks

While there is a lot to be said for the warm and tangible nature of printed hardcover books, the smartphone and tablet revolution means that many of us now do most of our reading not on paper, but on screens. This transition is celebrated today with ‘Read an eBook Day’.

Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or educational material, eBooks give you a (more…)

Survey shows how online distractions eat into the working week

A study has found that various forms of procrastination, most of which involve the internet and social media, are using up a considerable portion of the working week in offices.

Conducted by CV-Library, the study found that nearly a quarter of workers (23.4%) say they spend as much as 21 hours a month simply finding something else to do apart from (more…)

Why has my new website lost all of its Google rankings?

Have you recently had your website redesigned and found that you’ve lost all of your search engine rankings, and your website’s traffic has significantly dropped, or completely vanished? Have your enquiries or sales dried up as a result?

Sadly, this is (more…)

Facebook to open data centre in Singapore

Social networking giant Facebook has recently announced that it has chosen the location of a new data centre, which is set to open in Singapore in 2022.

Facebook’s new (more…)

More African nations introduce social media tax

At the start of July, the African nation of Uganda made headlines by introducing a tax on social media. The move has been messy and unpopular, but that hasn’t stopped some other countries on the continent following suit.

Street protests in the Ugandan capital Kampala, along with the fact that residents were able to circumvent the charge by (more…)

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