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Google releases update for Ads Editor

Search giant Google has recently released an update to its Ads Editor, and this includes the introduction of several new features.

Google announced that (more…)

Bing is “search engine for business”, says Microsoft

With Google hugely dominant in the global search engine market, Microsoft appears to be trying to refine its target audience, and announced a new business-centric approach for its search engine Bing last week.

In a post on the Windows Forum, it revealed that it was to start focusing on businesspeople, describing Bing as the “search engine for business”.

With this in mind, tweaks to (more…)

Can online criticism work to your advantage?

It’s generally not nice to get lampooned on social media. It’s one thing if someone writes an angry letter or makes a frustrated phone call, as that can be dealt with person to person, but when it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or a review website like TripAdvisor, it’s there for everyone to see. We’ve written before on (more…)

Facebook launches logo rebrand

Social media site Facebook has recently introduced a new branding strategy that has seen the logo altered in order to distinguish each of the different companies and products it owns.

The Facebook logo has (more…)

How to change what Facebook thinks you’re interested in

Have you ever seen a sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and wondered ‘why on Earth does it think I care about that?’ Perhaps, like Darren, you’re a Liverpool fan who is being told about Manchester United games. Perhaps, like me, you’re getting ads trying to sell you car insurance even though you don’t drive.

Many people don’t realise that (more…)

How many social shares has my website had?

Finding out how many social shares your content has received should, essentially, be a very simple thing to do. When the main social networks launched, they offered share count buttons that would very easily tell you (more…)

Search engine study finds users would use alternatives to Google

A new study has concluded that internet users across the globe would use alternatives to Google if they were presented with the choice.

The research was commissioned by American search engine DuckDuckGo, and it surveyed more than 3,400 adults based in the UK, Australia, the US and Germany to find out which search engines Android users would choose if presented with (more…)

Mobile search attributed to Google’s ad revenue

Alphabet, the parent company of search giant Google, has recently reported advertising revenues totalling $33.9 billion (£26.3bn) for the third quarter of 2019, with Google’s CEO attributing some of this to mobile search.

This quarter’s ad revenue is a 17% increase on that of Q3 2018, which stood at $29bn (£22.5bn). The company’s overall revenue stood at (more…)

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