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MPs state Facebook needs regulation to combat fake news

British MPs have said that social media site Facebook is in need of much stricter regulation and that the platform needs to take urgent action to stop the spread of fake news on the site.


How to tell if your website is failing

How do you know whether or not your website is making the most of its traffic? Most website owners know if they’re getting business from their website. Either they’re getting sales and enquiries, or they’re not. It’s a simple thing to measure.


Is China’s scary Social Credit System the future?

Any Brit who has ever applied for a credit card, mortgage or other loan will be familiar with the concept of credit scores, but a big data system set to come into force in China by next year takes the idea to a whole new and somewhat disconcerting level.


Lancashire football club turns prank into Twitter publicity

A piece of mischief from a trio of junior jokers left National League club AFC Fylde red-faced last week, but by taking it in good humour and making the most of it on Twitter, the club received some excellent national exposure.


Germany tells Facebook to restrict data collection

The German competitions regulation, the Federal Cartel Office (FCO), has ordered social networking site Facebook to considerably restrict the ways it collects and combines user data, unless consent is specifically given by the user.


Instagram investigates follower count issue

Photo-sharing network Instagram has said that it plans to look into a problem that caused the follower counts of some of its accounts to drastically drop.


Report calls for regulation of online news

A government-backed report has suggested that companies like Apple, Facebook and Google should have their news content overseen by a regulator.


Does it matter where you host your website?

I saw the usual question about website hosting posed in a recent chat group on WhatsApp. I’ve long since given up answering questions like this on Facebook, as the vast majority of people who ask for website hosting recommendations are really looking for the cheapest option. As ‘the cheapest’ isn’t something I’m interested in, my recommendations for the best one for their needs is often ignored.

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