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    Achieving plenty of web traffic and coming high up in search rankings are two aims that most companies have when they establish a presence on the internet. However, without the knowledge required to make these things happen, many will end up struggling. At Engage Web, we can help. With lots of experience, gained over many years of assisting businesses with their online marketing and SEO strategies, we can make sure that a company’s website soars to the top end of the charts and stays there. Once more traffic is flowing to a website, it is vital that the site itself retains customers’ interest and enables them to reach their goals. That is why, along with the other aspects of our online marketing plans, we are also providers of web design in the Merseyside area.

    A local company knows the region

    Businesses that have their headquarters in and around Merseyside might not realise the advantages of contacting a local company for web design and internet marketing services. One major benefit is that, when it comes to discussing every aspect of an individual business’s plan, communication is usually more straightforward with a based nearby. There is also the advantage that a company carrying out web design in the Merseyside region has a strong knowledge of the area, and this often comes with a greater understanding of the particular challenges facing a client’s business.

    Balancing functionality with aesthetics

    When designing a website for clients, probably the most important factor is usability, as having all of the web traffic in the world will be pointless if, on arrival at the site, nothing works. Laying out a clear structure for a site definitely helps, ensuring everything fits into its logical place and providing navigation that allows customers to move through the pages in a simple and obvious way. The visual attractiveness of a website should not be overlooked either, as visitors will respond emotionally to a pleasing design – something that has been shown to improve the ease with which people use a site. Having a visually striking or beautiful design can also reflect well on the company that owns the site, as feelings evoked by the design may be associated with the firm itself.

    The number of ways in which people access the internet can be baffling these days, with so many different devices available, from iPads to desktop computers with huge screens. That is why, at Engage Web, we are one of the firms that carry out what is called responsive web design in Merseyside. This type of design is the way forward because it makes a website able to react to the user’s device and adapt accordingly. Factors such as screen orientation and size, operating system and browser, are all adjusted for, with the result that the optimum screen resolution, image size and layout are presented to viewers on their specific devices. For firms looking for the best web design in Merseyside, and also those wanting help with online marketing strategies, call now to find out how we could help to boost your business.

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