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Outsourcing SEO copywriting abroad

Outsourcing SEO copywriting abroad

If you search around the Internet on Google and look on webmaster and SEO forums you’ll see hundreds of people and companies all offering SEO copywriting services. The price of these services ranges considerably, which often leads many business owners to plump for the cheaper end of the scale in the hope that ‘content is content’.

What this does mean however, and what many people don’t realise, is that you’re actually outsourcing your content to foreign countries, and to writers who don’t have English as their native tongue.

You could be lucky, you could end up with SEO copywriting that sounds as though it were written by a professional writer… or you could receive something that looks like it was written by someone who has only just learnt the language.

The trouble is, to advertise your services as an SEO copywriter you don’t need any qualifications, any experience, or any ability. You just need a website, or a forum account to say how you’ll:

“write contents for you website for good price”

Your website represents your company, and the quality of the content website speaks volumes about the quality of your service. Be careful who you allow to write your content.

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