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Money saving tips for content marketing

Money saving tips for content marketing

It’s commonly acceptable that content marketing is extremely cost effective, but this does not necessarily mean it’s cheap. Sure, you avoid the long-term costs of fulltime writers, as well as the hassle of dealing directly with freelancers, by using a copywriting service. You still want the best value for your money, though, so here are some tips for those looking to get the most from a limited marketing budget:

Find ways to easily generate new content ideas

It’s often not writing content that takes time but rather finding ideas for that content. What’s more, if you don’t give your freelancers or copywriting service a good idea of what you expect, you may find they diverge from your preferred theme in the quest for new ideas.

Simple ways to structure the generation of content could include building a calendar of notable industry events. You could also think of ideas that can be easily serialised, so you can get multiple articles from a single idea over the course of weeks or months.

Recycle old content

Many people think reposting old content is very bad, but when done right, it can give you extra content for little effort. For example, if it’s been over a year since an article was published, many members of your current audience may not have read it.

You could of course refresh it with updated information, and possibly restructure it for a different target audience. This means it will at least appear fresh to those that read the original article.

Translate written content into other media

You don’t have to stop at simply posting an article. You can additional value by translating it into other formats, such as infographics or videos. You could even compile related articles into an e-book.

No matter how you generate your content, it’s critical to promote to also promote it, and infographics and catchy photos can be a great way to catch people’s attention.

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