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Risk Assessment

Government wants your COVID-19 risk assessment on your website

Risk Assessment

Government wants your COVID-19 risk assessment on your website

Yesterday, the Gov.uk website published its latest guidance to employers on getting the country safely back to work. This includes five “key points” employers should address as soon as is practically possible, and one of them in particular stood out to us.

Point 2 sets out the need for employers to carry out a risk assessment, and to consult employees and/or unions as part of the process. That’s not surprising in itself, but what interested us is that this piece of advice continues by saying:

“If possible, employers should publish the results of their risk assessments on their website and we expect all businesses with over 50 employees to do so.”

It seems that as well as performing the assessment, the government is encouraging clear internal and external communication as part of the process.

What if I don’t do this?

The guidance simply says that businesses “should” publish the results if possible, and are “expected” to if they are of a certain size, but there is no clear indication of what, if anything, will happen to those who don’t.

However, the guidance includes a downloadable poster employers may display if they have followed the five key points. Displaying this without fully addressing the points would be at best deceitful, and businesses should be prepared to display what they have done to follow the guidance if questioned.

Ultimately though, if you have conducted a risk assessment and can show what you’ve done to foster a safe workplace, it’s surely in your interest to publish this information and show yourself to be a responsible and communicative business.

Where on my website should I put it?

That isn’t clarified in the guidance, so technically if it’s squirreled away in some rarely seen corner of your site, you’ve done your bit.

Again though, why not make the most of it? COVID-19 dictates everything we do at the moment, and anyone visiting your site will probably want to know how you’re operating in the pandemic. You might therefore want to make it much more prominent.

Why not make a blog out of it?

Once you’ve addressed the guidelines, a great, shareable way to broadcast your efforts is to sum them up in a blog post, then increase its reach via social media. You could add a link to your risk assessment results in the write-up, and include a picture of the government’s notice.

If you need help putting your actions into words, remember, the team at Engage Web is here to help.

John Murray

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