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How artificial intelligence can (and can’t) help you write content

How artificial intelligence can (and can’t) help you write content

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making headlines as a tool for companies to create content. From crafting blogs using chatbots like ChatGPT, to creating images through applications like Midjourney, AI is an emerging asset in the tech sector, which can help companies create resources for their sites and social media. It is still, however, unable to perform this role without human help. Here we look at the ways that AI can and cannot assist in writing content.

What exactly is AI-generated content?

AI-generated content can be copy like blogs, articles, marketing materials and product descriptions that are written by a machine using AI. The AI generates the content based on information a person inputs, such as keywords, subjects and phrases. While this might seem ideal for smaller teams looking for shortcuts, AI cannot yet create content to the same standard that a human writer can pen, and as a result, requires human involvement.

Why do companies use AI generated content?

AI can research and create content faster than a human being. Think minutes instead of hours, meaning it can generate a significant volume of content in a short period of time. It can also be more cost effective than hiring writers who are experts on specific subjects when you need pieces which require technical language.

Quality and plagiarism concerns

However, not all content created by AI is equal, and is often lacking in substance. It also needs fact checking and often restructuring to make sure the content reads properly. AI depends on data and algorithms to create text. As a result, the intended tone can get lost. While AI tools can manage black and white areas of a topic, grey areas that are more subjective can often be beyond AI capacity. This can lead search engines to flag content for being too similar to source material the AI draws from.

While AI can assist with writer’s block or help content creators build an outline, ultimately human writers are essential for producing engaging copy with a human touch.

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