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Why Google loves search engine optimisation

Why Google loves search engine optimisation

Some people believe that search engine optimisation is, at its very basic level, at odds with Google and that Google doesn’t like websites that have SEO performed on them. SEO is seen by some as ‘cheating’ the system, as though its sole purpose was to con Google into thinking that a website should be ranked for a certain keyword, when in actual fact it shouldn’t.

There was a time when this belief was correct. SEO was something of a dark art, practised by warlocks of the Internet (often in basements) and used very questionable practices indeed. However, these days those techniques no longer work (at least not in the long term) and SEO has had to go legit.

In fact, SEO has more than gone legit – it follows Google’s advice and code of practice to the letter, and without SEO Google couldn’t do the job it does so well.

Let’s give you some background.

Google makes money. Google makes a lot of money. Google in fact makes more money than it could feasibly know what to do with. Google makes this money by being the best at what it does, offering useful websites in response to users’ searches. If Google offered irrelevant websites (as some other search engines tend to do) then people wouldn’t use Google for search, they’d use… well, something else.

Now, Google can only find these great, content filled websites, if the Internet as a whole understands what Google is looking for and helps it along the way. This means eliminating HTML code errors that could stop Google accessing the websites, optimising pages so that Google knows what the website is about, optimising the websites so that Google can find all of the pages, adding unique content so that Google knows the website is content rich and relevant… the list goes on.

By employing SEO on your website, you’re not going behind Google’s back and getting a cheap motel room with an SEO company – you’re saying ‘I love you’ to Google and offering it exactly what it wants: your website in a well optimised, content rich style.

Don’t say it with flowers, say it with SEO.

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