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Improve your web presence with help from Google

Improve your web presence with help from Google

Content marketing may go far beyond search engine optimisation (SEO), but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. Fortunately, Google has provided some free tools and information that you may find invaluable.

Google’s new SEO guide

If you’re new to SEO, or if you think your skills may need a refresher, Google has provided an SEO starter guide to get you up to date. In addition to tips for the structure and appearance of your blog, website, or news feed, there is also a section dedicated to content. Of the tips the guide gives, many should already be part of a well-developed content marketing strategy. For example, it talks about writing fresh, error-free content and giving your users what they want, but it also goes into more basic things like using links wisely.

If you see anything that your content is missing, get in touch with your writers or copywriting service and tell them about it.

The Lighthouse addon

If you do not have the time to read Google’s SEO guide and check your own website, Google’s Lighthouse addon for Chrome is an easy way to flag up technical SEO issues. With just two clicks of a mouse, Lighthouse can generate a report for your website. In addition to flagging any SEO issues, it will also give suggestions to improve the performance and accessibility of you website and highlight any best-practice violations.

Search console

Formerly known as Webmaster Tools, Google’s Search Console has been greatly improved. If you don’t already know, this is where you can submit new news feed stories and other content for indexing rather than wait for them to be crawled. You can also see the keywords people are using when they find your website through Google.

With a little effort and tools like these, you may be surprised by the improvements you can make.

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