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Where can I get sources for content writing?

Where can I get sources for content writing?

One of the most difficult aspects of web copywriting for your own website is sourcing material for your articles, blogs and news stories. Until you become proficient at searching for the right information, and knowing the best websites and sources to use, it can take up more time than the actual writing – more than doubling your workload.

Here are some good places to look for ideas for articles for your website, regardless of your industry or topic. You’ll always be able to get something relevant if you look hard enough:

Google News
Google News features daily news from chosen websites in every possible sector. By searching on Google News for your keywords, or even setting up ‘Alerts’ so that search results are emailed to you, you can find the information you need quickly and easily.

Not all web research needs to be done online. You’d be surprised how many story and article ideas you can pick up by reading newspapers, which most of us do every morning.

Read other industry websites
Many of us will find that our competitors have websites of their own that feature news or articles. By reading those you can get ideas for your content, even if it’s from an opposing viewpoint.

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