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The Dr. Frankenstein method of site uploads

The Dr. Frankenstein method of site uploads

It’s dark. Rain lashes against a window. Lightning flares and, in the chilly room, you see a tall, gaunt figure in a white lab coat. The figure reaches out a trembling hand to a switch. It grasps – flicks the switch – and then…

Your website is uploaded.

The best work is done in the middle of the night. This applies not just to the raising of the strangely reconstructed dead by mad scientists, but also to the raising of the average website.

Work best done in the dead of night

Uploading your site’s pages after search engine optimisation is an extremely vulnerable time for your site. As you probably already know, all sorts of things can go wrong when you upload reworked pages. When you have to change whole sections, as occurs with SEO, the potential for disaster increases. This is why those in SEO get used to late nights and performing intricate tests when they would rather be asleep, or watching old horror movies.

The best kinds of uploads are done in the middle of the night, when your site’s users are least likely to come across any errors. This does mean you have to stay up until the wee hours, which isn’t good for your sleep pattern. It also means you need to find ways to stay alert to errors as you perform tests. What it does mean, though, is that you won’t lose traffic and reputation because of any mistakes.

When it comes to uploads, website testing and the raising of the dead for macabre scientific experiments, the night time is the right time.

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