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The best things on the net are free

The best things on the net are free

The best things in life are free, they say. We all know that this adage, while a good reminder to step back every now and then, isn’t strictly true. (Beer, for instance, is rarely free. Yet there is one area of your online plan where it pays to keep this old saying in mind. Specifically, it pays to keep in mind that the best things for your site’s visitors should be given to them for free.

‘Free stuff’ should really be the motto of internet marketing. With so much on the internet being offered up for free, it’s difficult to get the attention of your target market any other way. This isn’t the only reason to offer free things during your search engine optimisation campaign. Those in SEO careers know that offering up valuable information, widgets or tools is an excellent way of winning your target market’s loyalty as well as attention.

What can you offer for free? The possibilities are endless:

*Your answers. Answering questions on industry and general answers sites is a good place to begin.
*Tools. Tools and widgets are a tried and true path to popularity on the net.
*Your content. Developing your content into a downloadable e-book is a way to give your site visitors a valuable gift with very little investment on your part.
*Your ideas. Giving other sites the benefit of your experience can pay off in links and traffic.

When you give away things for free, your site will benefit. Keep this in mind when you budget for SEO.

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