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The beehive principle in online business

The beehive principle in online business

Worker bees in a hive each have a specialised job essential to the survival of the hive. The bees go out to gather pollen to make honey; they return and ‘tell’ their fellows, in a complicated dance, where to find the flowers. Now all the bees know where the best source of pollen is. When that source is used, the bees find another area and return to the hive with that information. All the time they are searching for new fields and communicating that information when they return to the hive.

Business is like this. A company has a base from which its employees work to produce the goods or services on offer. Successful companies share information so that business is continually improving and expanding into new markets.

One of the important means of communication is the internet and all businesses need a web presence. The company website is the way to reach the customer but, like the flowers for the bees, it needs to be attractive with images and sparkling article writing, or else the customer will fly off to another site. The internet is full of attractive sites so how do you keep yours on top?

A website’s ranking depends upon quality keywords expertly placed so that the search engine’s algorithm picks them up. It’s a question of quality rather than quantity and content writers know all the techniques. Returning to the beehive analogy, it is better to use a reputable article writing service than freelance writers as the single wild bee does not have the support of the honey producing hive.

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