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Related keywords boost your CTR

Related keywords boost your CTR

Internet users are very rarely satisfied by just one search. Studies of Internet user behaviour have shown that in the event of the first page of results failing to provide a satisfactory list, users will manipulate their search terms in various ways, looking at the different lists of results before finally making a choice. This is where related keywords can really help your website, and your use of SEO. Using related keywords can help increase your click-through rate from the search engines, as well as your overall rankings and traffic levels.

Related keywords aren’t given much attention in the world of search engine optimisation by some SEO companies, as they usually serve only as a support for the primary keyword for your page. When an Internet user performs a related search, however, your related keywords are central to whether you feature on the new list, or whether your page listings disappear from sight and mind. Naturally, the more times your website appears on the search results pages, the more a user will be inclined to click on your link. It becomes a point of brand recognition.

For example, if your main keyword is ‘quality stationery’, some good SEO work will hopefully ensure that your page is on the first page of Google when a search on that term is performed. If the Internet user isn’t happy with that list, they’re likely to move on to ‘quality stationery supplies,’ ‘quality paper,’ ‘pens, paper and stationery,’ and even ‘Smith fountain pen model 91x.’ Each time one of these searches goes through, a new list will appear, with some similar websites on the list. Each time a site appears on the list, it makes a further impression on the Internet user’s mind, until finally, that user selects the site that answers the majority of their needs. If your site’s use of related keywords has landed you on the results pages more times than not, the site they choose will be yours.

Internet users only rarely make their selection from one search. Use your related keywords wisely and your click-through rate is likely to improve. Don’t be short-sighted with keywords, as focussing only on a select few keywords is ignoring much of the benefit of search engine optimisation.

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