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List reveals UK wanderlust for 2012

List reveals UK wanderlust for 2012

As part of its annual zeitgeist – the list of the most popular searches, Google has revealed the most popular travel search terms. For firms working in the industry, the data could be an invaluable SEO aid to the year ahead.

Topping the list was Rio de Janeiro.

In part, this result could have been driven by the continued interest in the London Olympics. With Rio being the next host city, many Brits could well be harbouring dreams of travelling to support TeamGB in 2016.

Brazil itself as a search term ranked in third position.

This could well be something to work into long term optimisation strategy over coming years, particularly as fervour whips up again.

Coming in at number two was Greece.

Its ranking in this list could be questionable though, as many popular searches would likely have been focused on the country’s economy too.

At number four in the travel list was Dubai, with Paris slipping down to fifth. Bruges hit a surprising seventh spot, with Barcelona making number ten in the list.

There was also good news for travel operators working in the UK, with London being the sixth most searched for destination (and number one in the UK list), with Cornwall ranking at eight and Edinburgh at nine.

Other areas performing well in the 2012 UK list were Bristol and Manchester at number’s two and three respectively. This top ten was completed by Edinburgh, Brighton, Surrey, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham.

Such lists may well prove useful to travel and leisure sites for 2013, but they can also be used for many other businesses looking at getting hits to their sites.

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