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Google would never have started under UK copyright laws

Google would never have started under UK copyright laws

Following a recent announcement from David Cameron, the Prime Minister, about plans to change intellectual property laws in the UK to account for the Internet age, it emerged that industry leader Google would never have got off the ground had its founders been based in the UK due to the overly aggressive and archaic copyright laws.

David Cameron claims that IP laws will be reviewed in the UK which could relax rules on having to request permission to use previously copyrighted materials, such as video clips and photographs. The idea is that small businesses and start up enterprises will be able to move quicker and make better use of the Internet.

Speaking at even in London last week, Cameron commented:

“The service they provide depends on taking a snapshot of all the content on the internet at any one time and they feel our copyright system is not as friendly to this sort of innovation as it is in the United States.”

“Over there, they have what are called ‘fair-use’ provisions, which some people believe gives companies more breathing space to create new products and services.”

“So I can announce today that we are reviewing our IP laws, to see if we can make them fit for the internet age. I want to encourage the sort of creative innovation that exists in America.”

The findings of the review are set to be made public next April, but it spells good news for Internet businesses looking to make progress online.

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