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Google Search Console may soon have content ideas section

Writing content

Google Search Console may soon have content ideas section

Google is currently trialling out a new feature that is currently available to a select number of users in the US.

Simply called ‘content ideas’, the new feature will enable users of Google Search Console to see content related to their website. Google is more than likely experimenting with this new feature due to it wanting to get better-quality content picked up by its search engine, especially with Google releasing the useful content updates within the past four years – the latest being released just this month.

The data from this new feature seems to be coming from searchers who are telling Google that the search results they are providing are not answering their query. This can then help Google to build more credibility by ranking useful content within the search results.

Back in 2018, Google released a similar platform called ‘Google Question Hub’, but it is only available in select countries (US, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria). It is therefore hoped that the new ‘content ideas’ feature will be successful in the tests so that it can be released to other countries, including the UK.

What difference would this new feature make to me?

If introduced in the UK, the new feature will enable you to make sure the content on your website is useful and is answering the questions of your prospective customers. In turn, this can help you bring more people to your website and increase conversions.

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