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Google prepares for competition by opening retail outlets

Google prepares for competition by opening retail outlets

According to a report published on 9to5google.com, Google is planning to open a number of retail outlets before the end of 2013. The news was announced by an “extremely reliable source” recently, although the plans are reported to be top secret. The search leader would become a fierce competitor of Apple if it opens retail stores, which are proposed for the United States.

The reports indicate that a number of stores will open in main cities across America before the end of the year and in time for the holiday period. The website states:

“The mission of the stores is to get new Google Nexus, Chrome, and especially upcoming products into the hands of prospective customers.”

The website went on to say that Google wants customers to experience products from the company before investing in them. Presumably, this will include Google Glass, which will require a considerable investment from customers. Customers can already try out new products from Microsoft and Apple in their retail stores and Google feels that a retail outlet would be beneficial to the company.

Some see stores as a natural progression for the company, which has recently wowed with Google Glass. The eyewear enables access to the internet while out and about, and also takes pictures and video. Given Google’s focus on location based search results, Glass could have a big impact on the search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign of businesses that want to maximise any income stream from their retail premises.

Google already has a presence in the UK, in PC World, in addition to US stores Best Buy.

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