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Google confirms new content indexing is delayed

Google confirms new content indexing is delayed

Google has confirmed that their indexing has been affected by an issue that is causing new content to be delayed.

The technical issue that Google is currently experiencing is affecting any new content that is added to a website, which will now be delayed before being indexed. If you have added new content to your site recently, you may not see this reflected in search results for a few days.

At the moment, Google has only confirmed the issue, but they have yet to provide an estimate timeframe for a fix.

What will this mean for my website?

The indexing delays will result in your content not being shown in search results straightaway. Even when the problem is fixed, it doesn’t mean that the content will be indexed straight away, as Google will then have a backlog of content to index. So, it could take a while for your latest content to show up in search results.

This issue could impact news publishers, who rely on their latest content to be indexed quickly within search results. Therefore, it could mean that breaking news may take a while to appear on Google. Some websites may even lose traffic until the fix has been completed, and the backlog of content indexed.

This may result in a Google search not yielding the most up-to-date information if you’re currently searching for something recent. Therefore, this must be a priority to Google, as they want to make sure they are providing the best user experience, especially when competing with other search engines like Bing.

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