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Facelift for Google Blogger

Facelift for Google Blogger

Despite rumours that Google would be dropping its free blogging platform, Blogger has actually received a huge facelift with a number of improvements. The new interface was launched earlier this month, featuring an orange and white layout with additional tools which can be accessed through Blogger in Draft.

Blogger in Draft has been available for a few weeks to all users of Blogger. There have been some changes to the features, with some being added this week. The overall appearance of Blogger in Draft has been improved for users, although some of the improvements like the support for mobile blog sites and rich text editor have been available for several weeks.

The improvements will make the navigation and use of the site much easier. For instance. Google Analytics is now built in to the Blogger interface, whereas users had to initiate the tool themselves previously. The design of Blogger perfectly compliments the Google brand. Google Blogger also features a button for ‘Earnings’ which isn’t live yet. It seems to be a tab that will give you instant access to your Adsense earnings.

Google has been improving its brand, with updates and the launch of new developments, only to improve the user experience. The increase in efficiency and availability of tools will be particularly useful to anyone who works in search engine optimisation. As some SEO jobs can be bigger than others, the improvements in efficiency initiated by Google will make the management of any SEO campaign much easier, whether the company is in Land’s End or Chester.

  • Google has been all over the place on what they say they are going to do. One minute they are trying to get with twitter and then facebook and now they are dropping the blog site that they have worked so hard on.

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