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Don’t speak in LOLcats

Don’t speak in LOLcats

One of the greater successes of the internet is icanhascheezburger.com. The site’s central concept of cute cat pictures with badly spelled humorous captions has managed to generate its own community, its own language and even its own translation of the Bible. The tricky thing about icanhascheezburger.com and its surrounding lolcats community is that they have their own unique way of communicating. It’s hard to penetrate, unless you’ve been in the community for a long while.

This is something that happens not just on the net, but anywhere. In fact, most businesses struggle with the concept that their customers might not understand the industry language that they use. This is a struggle you must win if you want your SEO plan, and indeed your internet plan, to succeed.

It is incredibly hard to move beyond the language of your industry. When you have been working in an industry for a great many years, the language becomes second nature. It’s sometimes difficult to even detect which terms might be unusual to an outsider. This is one of the many reasons that keyword research is essential, and another reason to test thoroughly before you throw all of your work out there and hope that it is somehow effective.

Although much about search engine optimisation has changed since the industry was first started, one thing that remains central is keywords. Choose the wrong ones, and your campaign simply won’t work.

Learn how to tone down your industry language, and you can has srchngin traffic. Srsly.

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