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Bing overtakes Google in US with new “friendly” search features


Bing overtakes Google in US with new “friendly” search features

In a remarkable turn of events, Bing has become America’s most used search engine within the last 24 hours, overtaking the previously hugely dominant Google.

The dramatic shift in power has been put down to a series of new features introduced by the Microsoft-owned search engine, which says it wants to be the antidote to the global powerhouse that is Google and instead become “friends” with its users.

Tired of being “The One with Only 6.15% of the US Search Engine Market Share”, Bing has introduced four new specific features that have proved to be a hit with online Americans. They are:

• Bing: Green – a search facility specifically about money, and searching for currency conversions and investment news

• Bing: Geller – named after America’s first ever newspaper from 1703, the Geller Yeller, Bing: Geller is a strictly ‘news only’ search of Bing to rival Google News

• Bing: Buffay – a food search engine for finding recipes and the occasional piece of sheet music

• Bing: Tribbiani – an Italian content search engine to allow the Italian-American market in on the act

A spokesperson for Bing, Mike Rosehoft, explained:

“Big tech companies have lost the trust of the public, but we want to be friends with them. The success of our new features shows that the US public appreciates our efforts to connect with them personally. After all, search can feel like you’re always stuck in second gear, and due to the pandemic, it’s certainly not been anyone’s day, week, month or even year. Still, Bing will be there for you.”

The massively successful new features were introduced across the US yesterday after initially being trialled in the towns of Chandler, Arizona and Monica, Kentucky. Statistics show the Manhattan area of New York has been the epicentre of their popularity so far.

John Murray
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