Google search share dips below 90 per cent

Posted on November 16, 2012


The market share of internet searches in the UK made on Google has dropped below ninety percent. This is the first time it has dropped so low in five years.

According to Experian, the number of searches completed in the UK in October 2012 was 89.33%.

This may not appear to be a significant fall, but there could some cause of concern for the search engine giant. The dip in form comes at the same time that other players in the market, most notably Microsoft and its Bing product, saw an increase in market share.

In the last month, Bing controlled 4.71% of the market. This is a high for the year and comes on the back of the Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablet launches. Both the OS and the tablet use Bing as their default search engine.

Experian suggests this could be the reason for the respective fall and rises. However, it could also be that further dips in fortune, for all Google products, could be on the agenda.

As it becomes clear that the Californian-based company is paying minimal tax on its UK operations, there are calls for boycotts.

It is something which online marketers and SEO professionals should be aware of. Both Ask and Yahoo sites also saw increases in the month, meaning that campaigns need to target the vagaries of these search engines too.

However, it is not something which should evoke too much concern. After all, Google still has somewhat of a commanding lead in the industry.

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