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Meet the Team

Tom Evans

Personality Type: INTJ

Bio: When he’s not editing web copy and news articles at work, Web Content Editor Tom sates his love for the written word by losing himself in a good book. Some of his favourite novels include the works of Joseph Conrad, Kafka and Hemingway, but his fondness for narratives doesn’t end there. As a self-professed movie boffin, wordsmith Tom loves the work of Akira Kurosawa and the critically acclaimed films of Arnold Schwarzenegger. With a record of interesting jobs beaten perhaps only by our Content Team Leader, Tom has worked in factories making everything from pizzas to medical devices, and has even held the much-coveted role of beer taster. Tom is also an avid writer outside of Engage Web, producing poems, short stories and film scripts.

Alan Littler

Personality Type: ISFJ

Bio: Drawing from a broad pool of experience that ranges from university studies in English Language to his work as a medical receptionist in a busy GP practice, Alan fits right at home as Engage Web’s Account Executive. In addition to his administrative skills, Alan is also a bastion of fitness and athleticism, serving as Field Captain while he was at university and today maintaining a tight five-times-a-week training schedule. He also has experience in writing reviews, match reports and live-blogging at sporting events. On the field, Alan primarily competes in high jump and the 400m, although he has secured awards for a number of challenges and has even won a gold medal in a Hammer Throw – after the other competitors failed to turn up! Quick-witted Alan is also a keen supporter of Liverpool FC.

Mark Black

Personality Type: ESTJ

Bio: With his sharp, acerbic wit and fondness for Lady Grey tea – he is the one person here who never has to worry about somebody else using the last supplies of his brew – Mark is an engaging character who brings his rich SEO background and fantastic people skills to his position. Mark enjoys the challenge of working for a modern, fast-growing company like Engage Web and really appreciates the terrific team here. Away from the office, he has an outgoing personality, with his hobbies including skiing and reading – he has even been known do both at the same time! He likes to live for the moment and, among other places, would love to visit the Amazon river, the Temples of Cambodia and the town of Scunthorpe. Mark is also trained as a private investigator - a skill that no doubt comes into its own when the team goes on its murder mystery weekends, not to mention when trying to find out who took the last Maryland Cookie out of the biscuit tin.

John Murray

Personality Type: ENFP

Bio: Content Team Leader John studied English with Creative Writing at university and has since written for newspapers in both West Yorkshire and Chester. He is an avid supporter of Chester F.C., contributing in his spare time by reporting on the club’s website, match programme and fanzine. A published poet and short story writer with a flair for quick pun-delivery (as the team groans in the background of this narrative..), John is one of the Wirral’s leading Scrabble players. He describes his taste in music as tending towards anything ‘dark, raw or just plain weird’, and would one day like to travel to the colder regions of the world – to Iceland or Greenland, or even as far as the Arctic Circle. Prior to working as Web Content Editor, John slogged through a number of interesting roles, including logistics coordinator, researcher, archivist and packer of Chocolate Fingers!

Richard Bell

Personality Type: INFP

Bio: Born in the same year the Berlin Wall fell, our editor Rich has a passion for the written word and left university with a First Class Honours degree in English Literature and Creative Writing before studying for his NCTJ. In his spare time, he likes to write short fiction and has had a number of stories published in a variety of magazines – both print and electronic. Rich likes to play the mandolin and loves to read – no surprise there – with a particular liking for early and mid-20th Century fiction. His favourite novel is Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls. He has a penchant for dinosaurs and vintage bicycles and once won ‘best dressed’ at a party for turning up as Rupert the Bear. His favourite animal is the Beast of Bodmin.

Darren Jamieson

Personality Type: INTP

Darren Jamieson brings more than a decade of experience in web development and SEO to Engage Web, of which he is co-founder. Beginning as a web designer and new media specialist in 2000, Darren soon came to realise the potential of the various types of new media on the net, and before long was including search engine optimisation in his daily work. By 2004, Darren was advising clients on how best to work SEO into their own websites and content management systems, and performing hands-on SEO on a day to day basis. It wasn't long before he finally made the step from web developer to SEO developer, and has been honing his approach to the changeable beast that is SEO ever since. Darren has extensive experience in strategising long-term and innovative tactics for website owners, and this is perhaps the most valuable skill that he has brought to his current position as Technical Director for Engage Web. Darren is able to draw on a long history of client experience when designing strategies for our clients. With first-hand knowledge of in-house SEO, as well as his history of agency work, he has seen both sides of the coin with SEO, making him the ideal person to have on your side when approaching your site's SEO.

Lianne Wilkinson

Personality Type: ISTJ

Company co-founder Lianne Wilkinson was already an SEO veteran when she founded Engage Web in 2009. Beginning her career in the marketing and advertising industry, Lianne made the jump to the world of online marketing with PPC management and, from there, it was a very short step to the world of technical R&D, particularly focusing on SEO and content management, planning and creative online advertising strategies. In 2009, her marketing management and formidable planning skills founded Engage Web. Lianne's extensive experience of a number of fields within Internet marketing and its various interrelations brings a wealth of knowledge to the work done here at Engage Web. This enables Lianne to look at our client approaches with a broad view of how a user's attention is directed online. This is a large contribution to ensuring Engage Web's marketing strategies look to the wider scheme of things for your website. With knowledge of Computing with Systems Practice, Lianne backs up her extensive experience with a sound knowledge of the intricacies of web technology. Combine this with specialisations in PPC, content strategies, Internet marketing through search engine optimisation, and client management, and you can see why working with us at Engage Web is the right move for your website's Internet marketing plan.

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