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Team BB

Berni from Team BB wanted a brand new website for her Avon business. Seeking a stylish reflection of the Team BB brand that highlights her incredible success as an Avon professional, the new site is targeted at attracting more aspiring Sales Representatives and Team Leaders.

Team BB’s logo, featuring a bumblebee, influences much of the design of the website. While from a design point of view, it was important to use colours synonymous with the beauty and wellness industry, we were careful to not stereotype the target audience for a website targeting beauty sales reps to just women. Stock images of men are also seen throughout the pages of the site as a way of encouraging all types of people to pursue a career with Avon.

When producing the content for the site, we were able to reference the great success that Team BB has had in hitting sales targets and enjoying great rewards as part of Avon. We worked closely with Berni to come up with the benefits of joining Team BB that will be most enticing to all aspiring Avon representatives.

All in all, a website such as Team BB’s benefits from the luxury of simplicity, with effective messaging that adds substance to a design packed with style.

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