Has Weetabix with baked beans just been outweirded on Twitter?

Has Weetabix with baked beans just been outweirded on Twitter?

Earlier this year, the Weetabix Twitter account managed to send the platform into meltdown by suggesting that people should try the cereal accompanied by Heinz baked beans.

Whatever you think of it, this odd serving suggestion of two beloved brands certainly resulted in plenty of engagement for Weetabix, with many other major brands having their say. Although most of them were recoiling in horror at the idea, it’s doubtful the cereal makers cared too much, with everybody from the NHS to the state of Israel diving in on the wheaty, beany fun.

Eight months on, and perhaps inspired by this bit of culinary madness, the account for Hellmann’s mayonnaise has given Weetabix a run for its money by suggesting that you should add a squirt of the egg-based condiment to, of all things, a cup of coffee!

The tweet appears to be piggybacking on a recent popular TikTok video by American football quarterback Will Levis, in which he does exactly that.

The tweet has had 1,500 comments and 3,000 retweets, dwarfing anything else put out by the account in recent weeks. The account has retweeted a couple of examples of people trying or responding to it, and just to continue stirring up controversy, a few tweets since have subtly included a coffee cup emoji as a sign that Hellmann’s is going to ride this one for as long as possible.

It hasn’t quite had the brand engagement that Weetabix enjoyed though, despite the hoo-ha being picked up by news outlets like The Mirror and The Star. Perhaps the highest-profile engagement it has received has been from singer Dionne Warwick, who was so repulsed by the idea, she blocked the Hellmann’s account.

Hellmann’s didn’t include an image or video with the tweet, which is always likely to limit its exposure, but the impact of the tweet shows that being outrageous and pushing people’s buttons can lead to increased engagement, and it also shows the value of being aware of what people are saying about you on other social media platforms. For more advice on content and social media that draws traffic to your website, speak to Engage Web today.

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