Google core update problems not triggered by website technical issues

Google core update problems not triggered by website technical issues

John Mueller from Google recently answered a question about what happens if a technical site problem happens before a core algorithm update, and whether this could affect your website’s rankings in search.

The question was asked by someone who had performed a major update of their website just before a Google core algorithm update and found that their website’s performance dropped. Six months on, it still has not recovered from this drop in performance.

Mueller confirmed that any technical issues occurring on your site before a core algorithm update is released by Google will not result in a loss of impressions within search results. Core algorithm updates are normally to address quality issues and to help make sure that websites ranking are useful for searchers.

What is a Google core algorithm update?

Google releases core algorithm updates to help improve the results for searchers using Google. This is to make sure that the information presented in search results is relevant to the searcher’s query.

Mueller gave a few recommendations about core algorithm updates and loss of performance in search results, saying it is good practice to have a look at Google’s blog post on core algorithm updates. He noted that core updates use information from a website over the long term, so quality issues that have happened just before an update may not be the main issue affecting your performance. Instead, it is more than likely due to something that has happened in the past and been flagged by Google.

Since technical issues are different to quality issues on your website, a core algorithm update is unlikely to affect your website’s performance due to a technical issue on your site.

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