Facebook adds ‘automatic invitations’ to invite page followers to your group

Posted on May 17, 2021


Growing a group on Facebook can be accelerated if you take advantage of the hack we’ve shared a few times on inviting people who like your page.

The process is quite a simple one, and we created a video explaining how to do it here:

However, Facebook has been playing with the way people who like your page can be invited to join a group. For example, the process we explain in the above video has changed in recent weeks so that it’s now not possible on a mobile. When you’re in a group you manage, and you switch to your ‘Page’ in order to invite people who like the page, the ‘Invite’ button vanishes – but only on a mobile. On a desktop, it’s still there. The problem is that on a desktop, the list of people you can invite isn’t displayed in any particular order, so you’ll have to scroll down past people who are already in your group, or who have already been invited.

It’s infuriating.

Well, things are about to get even more interesting, as Facebook has just launched a new method for inviting people into your group when they like your page – and this one is fully automated! This new feature, which we discovered only today, only seems to be available to some groups, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which groups are eligible.

When you’re in your group, on a desktop (not the app), switch to using the group as your page. When you click the ‘Invite’ button next to the list of members, if your group is eligible, you will see this message and button.

The message reads:

Automatic invitations

Save time by automatically sending group invitations to your followers. We’ll only send invitations to your top fans and recently active followers.

By switching on the button, Facebook will then automatically invite people to join your group as they engage with your Facebook page. The more content you post, the more engagement you receive, the more people who are automatically invited by Facebook to join your group.

No more scrolling through lists of people inviting them. No more going through long spells of no new members because you’ve been too busy in other areas of your business. Let Facebook do it for you.

As I say, the functionality is only available to some groups at present. I administer a number of different groups, and only one has this option available. It’s also something I haven’t seen anyone else in our industry talking about, as it appears to be brand new this week. Maybe Facebook is trialling it and rolling it out slowly.

Whatever the case, if your group is eligible, it’s definitely something you should try. Let me know if you have the option, and if you’ve found it to be useful in growing a group on Facebook.

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