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Why flooring companies should be investing in their online presence

Why flooring companies should be investing in their online presence

There are many digital marketing strategies you can use to help grow your flooring business online. Ensuring you’re using the correct methods and strategies is essential to make sure you’re not throwing money down the drain, and flooring companies have a high potential to do well when using the correct digital marketing methods.

Website design and features for flooring companies

Having a website is the first step in improving the online presence of your business. Making sure your website attracts new customers and is user-friendly is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered. Below are a few features that every flooring company needs on their website.

Providing high-quality images

When people are searching for a flooring company, one of the main things they will be looking for are photos of past projects that you have done, as this builds trust and credibility with your prospective customers. High-quality photography will help to showcase how capable you are of providing the services you offer.

Before and after photos can also help to show customers what projects look like as a result of your services.

Customer testimonials

This is one of the most important features of any website, as this shows prospective customers what others have thought of your services. The best place to feature a select few testimonials would be on your homepage, and the rest of your testimonials on a specific ‘Testimonials’ page, linked in the header of your site.

Quote form

When a prospective customer decides to choose your flooring company to help them with their project, one of the most important features you want on your website is a quote form, where a quote can easily be requested. Including this in the footer of your website is a great way to make sure that wherever the customer is on your website, they can easily fill in the form to get a quote from your company.

Dedicated pages for commercial and domestic flooring

If your flooring company provides both commercial and domestic flooring, having separate pages for each service can help make navigation around your website much easier. This can also help you with your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for flooring companies

People searching for businesses like yours could miss your website if you’re not at the top of a Google search. If you are not featured in the results of either the local pack (the map section at the top of local search) or within the top three listings, then you’re missing out on potential customers who may want to enquire about your flooring services.

The screenshot below shows a search in our SEO platform for the keyword ‘Flooring Chester’. This shows us that the average search volume (how many people are searching for this every month) is around 140 people. Therefore, if you’re ranking in the top three positions, you could easily get people clicking through to your website and enquiring about your flooring services.

Flooring Chester SE Ranking

As well as targeting local keywords such as “Flooring Chester”, many prospective customers can be searching for answers to their questions. One of our clients has a blog on ‘Can you install LVT over concrete’ over the past year. This specific blog has had over 13,000 views from over 12,000 unique users. Therefore, this shows how powerful one piece of content can be to increase traffic to your website.

Can You Install LVT over Concrete

Content marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of any SEO strategy. It should be the main focus of any SEO campaign and strategy, as content is what drives people to your website.

If you’re thinking of starting an SEO campaign for your business, this can be one of the most effective ways to get result leads through your website. If you’re unsure whether to start SEO now as it can take a little while for the results to come through, you need to consider that once the SEO has built up over a few months, it can help to bring in regular leads and boost your business’s visibility.

If you were to finish your SEO campaign in a few years, you can still reap the rewards for many years to come, as you have built your authority with search engines. This is the reason why SEO is so important, as if you were to use other digital marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click, your leads through that channel will cease along with your campaign, as you are no longer paying for the clicks.

Email Marketing for Flooring Companies

One of the most popular and profitable digital marketing strategies for flooring companies is email marketing.

Email marketing is an effective way to interact with your existing customers, as this can help you to build and maintain a relationship with them. If a customer who once used your services in the past is seeking new flooring for their home, they will be sure to bear you in mind if they are regular receivers of your email campaigns. This can then help to promote return custom.

There are many popular platforms that you can use for email marketing, such as Mailchimp, which enable you to add a newsletter subscription to your website, so that anyone who visits your site can sign up to your regular newsletter. This can then help to further build relationships with prospective customers.

Facebook Advertising for Flooring Companies

Facebook advertising can be an effective channel to use when trying to reach prospective customers, as you can easily target viewers with specific interests, such as people who are interested in home improvements. You can also target customers based on where they are located.

Facebook ads can also be used to reach prospective customers who have originally visited your website, but not converted. This can be an effective way to get these customers to come back to your website, as your business will remain in the back of their mind.

One of our flooring clients saw a 1,600% return on their ad within the first week of their Facebook Ads campaign going live. This is a clear example of how Facebook advertising can be an effective way for flooring companies to extend their reach.

Pay-per-click advertising for Flooring Companies

If you’re looking to get quicker results than something like SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help to drive a faster return. One of the main benefits of having a PPC campaign for your flooring company is that if your campaign is doing well, you will most likely be at the top of search queries, so you can get more visibility than websites that are just focusing on SEO. However, SEO is still an effective way to get regular leads.

One of the main factors you need to think about with a PPC campaign is that once you have stopped, you will no longer reap the rewards from the campaign. This is the opposite to SEO, which can still bring leads from people searching for services in their local area.

There are many ways you can increase the online presence of your flooring company, but sometimes deciding on which method is best for your business can be overwhelming. Reach out to our friendly team at Engage Web to discuss the best method for your business.

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