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What is an engaging website?

What is an engaging website?

Websites are essential for every modern enterprise operating today, but simply having a website is no guarantee of business. To maximise interactions and convert visitors into loyal customers, websites must be engaging.

But what does “engaging” mean?

While aesthetic appeal alone is not enough, visuals are still an important element of what makes an engaging website. According to one study*, around 75% of users judge the credibility of an enterprise based on its website design. Poor-quality images and badly executed graphics, spelling errors in copy, unattractive fonts, bad layout, overcrowded pages, and uninspiring colours can all have a negative impact. However, an engaging website featuring clearly laid out pages and a design that complements business branding can see repeat visits and a growing following.

Enterprises only have seconds to engage a site visitor, and content is key to capturing their attention. Websites with massive swathes of copy and no headings, subheading, and images to break it up can appear outdated and uninteresting, thus deterring users from engaging.

An engaging website will have informative content that audiences are interested in reading. As well as being informative, engaging content must be original, well-written, current and correct. By ticking all these boxes, users will return to your site to find answers to important questions, the latest industry news and valued expert opinions.

Finally, user experience is also a vital element of what makes a site engaging. Pages, images, animated banners and videos must load swiftly and seamlessly to ensure your site and company look and feel professional. Today, websites must work effectively on different devices, from desktops and tablets to iPads and smartphones.

If you need a critical assessment on how engaging your website is and how to improve it, why not get in touch with Engage Web today to find out how we can help?

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