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UK net shoppers top global list

UK net shoppers top global list

A recent survey in December 2012 has found that the UK is obsessed with internet shopping, far outstripping the activities of other major western countries.

The figures, supplied by communications regulator Ofcom, show that the average spend from a UK consumer is over £1,000 a year.

The importance of SEO

Australia, ranking as the second biggest spender in the survey, averages below £850.

Such is the love of cyber-shopping in the UK, it shows how important SEO is to get right. With such a rich vein of spending to tap into, the right strategy will deliver results.

The Ofcom survey, its annual International Market Communications Market Report, also uncovered some other interesting details.

Remote TV control

There was also evidence to show that online shopping is heavily done on a mobile device. The UK currently sees over 16 per cent of all web traffic coming from mobile, or connected devices, which is far and away the biggest rate across the whole of Europe.

The report also indicated that on-demand TV, DVR use and internet TV viewing is highest in the UK.

Snip off Britain

Another surprising result from the survey showed that contrary to what the Daily Mail and Express would have us all believe, Brit’s actually do well when paying for communications.

A standard suite of communication services – fixed phone line, mobile package, fixed and mobile broadband and TV – is about £146 a month here. Compared to America (£314), Italy (£247) and even France (£178), it is by far the cheapest available.

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