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Twitter reveals power of news content on its platform

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Twitter reveals power of news content on its platform

Social networking platform Twitter is used by people around the globe for a wide range of reasons, and according to recent data released by the social giant, one of the most significant of those reasons is to stay up to date with news.

According to the findings, which have come from data released by Twitter itself, as well as joint studies with bodies like YouGov and third-party data from groups like Pew Research, Twitter users don’t just consume news on the platform, they regularly tweet about it too.

The data revealed that, in total, 94% off all Twitter users have an interest in current affairs. What’s more, a whopping 85% either listen to, read or watch the news at minimum once per day – with 75% of people (three in four) who use Twitter for news doing so at least once per day. In total, 83% of Twitter users tweet about news, and more than half of users (55%) consume their news through the platform.

According to the stats, in the first six and a half months of this year, there were 4.6 billion tweets posted about news in the US, with 10.4bn made globally.

So, what do these figures mean for brands and businesses?

Clearly, Twitter users have an interest in news, and so it makes sense that, to reach more people, businesses should make an effort to post about news too. Keeping their target audience in mind, this news should be relevant to both their industry and their audience.

Repurposing content is a great way of making the most of the time and effort spent creating it, and sharing a news article from a business’ site onto its Twitter account is a simple, quick and easy way of doing so – plugins like JetPack on WordPress making this process even easier.

If you’d like to discuss having high-quality, relevant and engaging news articles or other content written for your business, reach out to our team here at Engage Web today.

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