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Social networks – ad enough?


Social networks – ad enough?

Social networking site Twitter has unveiled the ‘Twitter Audience Platform’, which will host a number of new features that will be of key interest to those wishing to use the site for advertising purposes.

In 2014, the service launched its ‘Twitter Publisher Network’, which gave those advertising on the site an interface they could use for purchasing campaigns. It is claimed by Ameet Ranadive, the senior director of revenue products at Twitter, that the network now reaches more than 700 million people, and as a result, the company has decided to rebrand it to reflect the reasons behind its success with advertisers.

Twitter isn’t the only platform taking advantage of the shift towards marketing on social media. The world’s largest social network, Facebook, is also placing particular focus on targeted ads via Atlas.

The fact is that social networks are now gathering so much information about us, we are making it easier and easier for them to target ads directly at us. This is good for anyone who wishes to promote their brand or product online, however. The targeting options available increase the relevance of an ad, and because the ads are placed into the news feed of users who are likely to have an interest in a particular product or brand, a degree of personalisation can be achieved that might not be possible using other methods.

Here are just two of the advanced targeting options available on networks such as Facebook and Twitter:

• Interest targeting – This allows advertisers to reach the news feeds of users by taking into account features such as self-reported interests, activities, skills and liked/followed pages. When targeting interests, it is vital to consider that they can be both general and specific.

• Connection targeting – This provides the ability to reach users who have specific connections to your page, app or group. This kind of targeting takes past behaviour into account in order to help advertisers target successfully and specifically.

Naturally, the ability to specifically pinpoint traits of an individual user in order to ensure an advertisement is optimised is extremely desirable. Therefore, it only makes sense that a shift in focus toward advertising on social media is becoming prevalent.

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