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Procrastination Man saves the day!

Procrastination Man saves the day!

Just think about how good it would be if there was a procrastination superhero. You have something tremendously important to do, your attention wanders, and – wham! Someone in an interesting costume sets you back on the right path.

It’s all too easy to procrastinate on the web. Just ask any office worker. Instead of getting down to the no-doubt intriguing code testing that they have to get done by the end of the week, many people find themselves deeply concerned about what’s happening on FAIL Blog. There is other work to do but this is interesting and important. It really is.

Much like the average struggling office worker, site owners find all sorts of things to distract themselves from the needs of their site. Search engine optimisation looms in the very near future, but for now there’s the site-wide equivalent of a really cute cat picture with an amusingly misspelled caption that desperately needs attention.

There is no better time to start planning your SEO than now. The major thing about SEO is that it takes time. A second major thing about SEO is that the longer you’ve been doing it, the easier it is. It takes time to track down the right SEO company, and it takes time to sort out the right keyword list for your site. These facts provide all the more impetus to begin.

When it comes to your search engine optimisation plan, as with every part of normal office life, there is no superhero to rescue you. Begin your SEO plans now.

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