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Lessons on social media to be introduced in schools

Lessons on social media to be introduced in schools

Schoolchildren will soon receive instruction on how to conduct themselves when using social media.

During an interview with the Sunday Politics Wales programme shown on the BBC, the assistant information commissioner Anne Jones said that pilot schemes for the use of sites like Facebook to be included in the curriculum would be extended to 30 schools in the UK, including one school in Wales. Jones believes that the project is an important step forward towards including information rights in school curriculums.

The scheme will provide information about how to avoid posting embarrassing or compromising information, which has been known to damage career prospects. Staying safe online and knowing how to protect personal information will be included, so that children avoid giving information to the wrong sources. As social media plays an increasingly large role in everyday life, the lessons in safety would be useful. The changes may even result in a number of companies having to alter their search engine optimisation campaign, especially if they have a young target audience. The information commissioner’s office is running the pilot scheme, with part of its role being to promote data privacy.

Some school officials remain concerned about the inclusion of the social media course, although they agree that technology should be implemented in the school curriculum. According to Ms Jones, most people use social media sites and education for its proper use is vital. The lessons learned can certainly be applied by those students looking for SEO careers, where reputation management is a vital skill to possess.

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