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Increasing engagement with your blog or news feed

Increasing engagement with your blog or news feed

Hosting a blog or website news feed is a great way to get started on content marketing. It gives you a medium through which you can publish news and other information and then share through social media platforms, but you will need to engage people to have the desired effect.

Find creative ways to reuse content

This is not about “spinning” several articles from a single article to get cheap content but rather about finding innovative ways to repurpose content in a fresh and attractive way. There’s still going to be some work involved of course, but at least you don’t have to think of a new concept and research from scratch.

The new article could involve incorporating new information to bring it up to date, or you may want to frame it differently so it appeals to different readers. Maybe you published an article that had a good concept but lacked depth or presentation, so an improved version may be more appealing to readers.

Use visuals and page design to your advantage

The written word is still the backbone of blogs and news feeds, but we all respond well to attractive visuals. When used correctly, pictures and diagrams can help us to digest hard-to-grasp information, and this encourages visitors to continue reading.

For example, a graph could instantly illustrate the magnitude of the oil price crash that began in 2014. Infographics can quickly present information to readers, encouraging them to read more, and a simple diagram can convey information that would be near impossible to describe accurately with words.

Consider video, but only if it works

Adding a video can help engage people, but it can be counterproductive if it’s irrelevant or unhelpful to the original article. Deciding where to place a video is also important to it having the optimal effect.

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