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Improving website traffic through social media Background
Improving website traffic through social media

Improving website traffic through social media

Improving website traffic through social media

Improving website traffic through social media

When running a business in this day and age, having a presence on social media is often non-negotiable. But are you using it for an actual benefit – or just for the sake of it?

Here is how you can use social media to improve website traffic, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Engagement is key

To encourage users to move from social media to your website, you must offer them something valuable, and a good way to do this would be through interaction.

This can be regular content that your customers find useful, which displays your knowledge and enthusiasm to consistently provide useful information.

Another way would be to interact with your audience by responding to both direct and public messages. This shows that you are not just posting content for the sake of it and that you are not neglecting your audience, creating a strong customer-brand relationship.

Create uniformity across your platforms

It is all well and good having useful and interesting content on your social media pages, but if that sort of content (or similar content at least) isn’t on your site, then the user might click off.

You’ve done the hard part by grabbing the viewer’s attention and encouraging them to visit your site, so it is essential to keep them there. A good way of doing this would be to have consistency throughout the site and your social media platforms, which helps to build your brand’s overall identity in the eyes of the user.

Repurpose your content

In order to be consistent on social media, you must post regularly. However, the thought of creating five pieces of content a day for different platforms can seem quite tricky, and isn’t really necessary.

If you take the website content and take small snippets to use on social media, you avoid the trouble of having to create unnecessary content, saving you time.

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