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Google technology delivers spectacular scenery to your living room

Google technology delivers spectacular scenery to your living room

Thanks to Google Streetview, people can experience the marvellous scenery of far off exotic lands, without having to leave their living room. Even if you aren’t able to travel to far away destinations, Google will deliver the images directly to you, if you are able to get Google Streetview.

Google Streetview utilise tricycles with cameras attached to bring you images in High Definition. The latest remote destination is the Amazon. The search engine giant started the project following an invitation by Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. The charitable organisation, whose main concern is the environment, invited Google to raise awareness of the damage caused by deforestation. The high specification cameras are able to capture distances and 3-D images using motion sensors, lasers and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. However, although the camera is high tech, it had to be covered with a snow jacket when capturing images in Antarctica as the plummeting temperatures would have caused serious damage.

Using Amazon Street View, which is available from November 2011, users will be able to wander around villages and trek along paths which lead into the Amazon jungle. Although Google present images of the Amazon for users to experience at home, travellers who have been there say that you can’t compare with the thrill of actually being there. Google are constantly improving a users experience, whether it’s with images of the Amazon or searching for information in Cheshire, which is why it is crucial to stay ahead with your search engine optimisation strategy.

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