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Hotel receptionists

Google releases new hotel promotion feature

Hotel receptionists

Google releases new hotel promotion feature

Last week, search giant Google announced the global release of a new advertising feature for hotels called ‘property promotion ads’.

In the announcement, the search engine explained that this new ad format will help advertisers to be seen by people who haven’t decided on the hotel they would like to stay at in a particular area. Google explained that the existing standard hotel booking ads are designed to target users who have already selected their hotel, while the new property promotion ads are designed to allow hotels to influence the decisions of searchers.

As these ads will feature prominently in results for queries on geographical locations, hotels will be able to target searches related to their specific locations. The ads are also displayed in Google Maps, and Google has revealed that it’s also experimenting with placing them in other areas.

The following example was given of what these ads look like on both desktop and mobile:

Holiday Inn

Before its worldwide launch, Google piloted the new ads, and Koddi, a travel management company, was one of the testers. A spokesperson for the company said that the new ads have increased the visibility of the hotels featured in them, and they helped to create awareness in markets where the hotels may not have typically ranked high in search results.

Previously, the ability to run property promotion ads was only possible through a whitelist, but now, hotels will now be able to bid on these ads through Google Ads itself. They are available via an ad group type in the Hotel Campaign section of Google Ads, and all active advertisers for hotel campaigns will be eligible to make use of the new ads.

These new property promotion ads are yet another way of reaching people online via advertising. If you’d like to start advertising your business on the web, contact our team at Engage Web to find out how we can help.

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