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Four days of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute

Four days of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute

For most of us, things that take up roughly a minute of our time might include checking e-mails, brushing your teeth or microwaving up a cold cup of coffee. For YouTube, a minute sees 100 hours’ worth of video uploads.

The latest staggering statistic was revealed on the video sharing site’s blog on May 19. To put it into some kind of perspective, UK life expectancy is currently 80.75 years. For enough video content to be uploaded to YouTube to keep the average Briton entertained from the minute they were born until the moment they pass away, it would only take five days.

The blog post points out that some of the millions of users uploading video content are businesses. With YouTube recently confirming that it has passed the milestone of a billion users per month, shrewd business professionals are very aware of the reaching power of the Google-owned site, as well as its potential within internet marketing and SEO strategies.

The post goes on to celebrate the diversity and unpredictability of the videos it features, drawing attention to the unlikely popularity of record-breaking Korean pop star Psy’s hits. Despite the volume of content being uploaded, the recent ‘Harlem Shake’ craze also shows that videos of just a few seconds can grab earth-shattering levels of attention.

YouTube celebrates its eighth birthday this month, and Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt predicts that its current number of monthly users will grow six or seven times greater thanks to the emergence of the Internet on mobile devices and in developing countries.

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