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Five websites you could use for SEO

Five websites you could use for SEO

Link building is one of the most time consuming aspects of any SEO campaign. It’s time consuming because finding websites with which to build links to your website is difficult. You need to find websites that are of high enough quality, free, relevant and easy to submit to.

It’s not easy, but there some websites that you can use to create links to your own website that you may not have thought about. Here are five websites that you can use to create links to your website that will offer very high quality links, and often very relevant ones.

Wikipedia accepts links to external sources that are relevant for its individual pages. So for example, if your website is about distance learning, then you could find pages on Wikipedia that talk about elearning, or using the Internet for research, or products and applications that you use, and create links to relevant pages on your website.

Wikipedia links are nofollowed, but their value as links for traffic is worth the time alone.

IMDB, or the Internet Movie Database, allows links to websites that feature reviews of films, TV series and other things that it lists. Every film listing on IMDB, From Star Wars Episode IV to Two and a Half Men, features an external reviews page with links to websites. Surely you can find something relevant to your industry, write a review on your website, and submit the link?

Facebook allows you to create your own fan pages and submit links and feeds for your content, therefore every person on your friends list, and their friends (and so on) can potentially see links to your website.

This one’s obvious. The more tweets you write, the more followers you’re likely to pick up. You can use Twitter for links to your website, but don’t over use it or you’ll lose followers.

This one isn’t quite so easy, but the value of a link from the BBC is without equal. Obviously, you’re not going to get a link on the homepage of BBC.co.uk, but if you dig down into the website you’ll find regional pages with very specific regional news. You’ll find features pages, profiles of business and local news. It’s amazing how many websites the BBC links out to as resources and relevant links. Yours could be one of them, if you know how to approach it.

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